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urbancontrol is designed to help you efficiently manage your urban assets.  We put real time data at your fingertips – so you can save energy, money and time – ultimately benefiting the people who live, work and play in your city. Whether you are responsible for a project, borough, town or city, our objective is to enable everyone to harness the power of having a truly connected, living network of urban assets.

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Our team

Diverse backgrounds, one single focus

The team behind urbancontrol is incredibly experienced. From contractors to asset owners through to consulting engineers, our backgrounds are both diverse and wide-ranging. In fact, that’s what makes the connection between our team and yours such a strong one; we’ve undertaken many similar roles ourselves. We understand that each industry discipline has different requirements and priorities, which is why we can offer you a scalable, flexible solution.

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What urbancontrol offers

A solution that evolves alongside your urban environment

The management of city services are evolving rapidly, driven by technology, social and budgetary factors. Cities are looking for flexible, open platforms which will enable them to embrace this change over the coming decades – and this is exactly what urbancontrol is designed to deliver.


True intelligence

Knowledge is power

With the data analysis and information that urbancontrol provides, you can keep up-to-date with each and every one of your urban assets through one, intuitive system. The result: better knowledge for intelligent decision-making, saving you time, energy and money.


Total flexibility

Totally tailored to your requirements

Offering a truly customer-centric solution, we put you and your urban environment at the heart of our product development. Every city, town and borough is different, and by their very nature, they are constantly changing spaces. Therefore, it makes sense that you have a SMART City-ready platform on your side, that works with any brand of luminaire and is built with your needs in mind. urbancontrol lives alongside your city’s infrastructure to help you not only respond to situations as and when they arise, but pre-empt them before they even happen.


Complete control

Helping you to stay ahead

urbancontrol provides you with up-to-the-second, reliable data. More than simply exceptional energy saving and lighting control – it’s a living network that is simultaneously open, reliable and remarkably resilient. One which gives you the tools enabling you to make the right choices. Every day.

Who urbancontrol is for

Our innovative system, your complete solution

Local Authorities and consultants

Local Authorities and consultants

urbancontrol is designed to give you on-tap access to powerful data analytics and information, as well as enhanced reporting that’s aligned with local government procedures. From budget management to maintenance planning and prioritisation, urbancontrol provides you with the tools to aid intelligent decision-making when it comes to the management of your assets. And because we know the challenges you face every day, we’re continuously developing to ensure it’s a solution for the future too.



Totally mobile, urbancontrol provides real-time information wherever you are and whenever you need it. The enhanced inventory feature helps the streamlining of your site installation and commissioning and the self-forming network ensures instant communication across all assets. Built-in reporting functionality ensures you’re always able to monitor your performance against contractual KPIs. And because we know one of the biggest challenges you face is achieving ultimate resource optimisation, the future of urbancontrol is committed to bringing a solution to assist you throughout the entire works management process.

Log in to intelligence with our software platform

With urbanmaster from urbancontrol, you have total flexibility and true convenience: one single software platform to both monitor and control any Smart City device. From street lighting systems and traffic cameras, to electrical vehicle charging stations, smart meters and more, the power is in your hands. Monitor, analyse, control, manage and, ultimately, optimise both your energy use and budget at the same time.


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