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What is a Smart City?

“There is no better way to improve the lives of billions of people around the world than to improve the way cities work”

Michael Bloomberg – former Mayor of New York City

A Smart City understands the individual challenges and strengths of a city, town or borough. It leverages the benefits of technological advancement to improve the lives of those that live and work there.

It is our belief that there are four key elements to driving the success of Smart Cities across the UK:

Vision      Collaboration     Leadership     Technology

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Why urbancontrol?

For smart cities to truly benefit those that live in our cities, towns and boroughs, we believe that Local Authorities need to be at the heart of the revolution. At urbancontrol, we want to give our local councils and their contractors the knowledge and tools to deliver a scalable, future-proofed Smart City strategy.

Reliable and future-proofed technology

Self-healing, fail-proof and sustainable; the urbancontrol data network is one of the most advanced in the world. Our software and hardware is designed to be fully compatible, ensuring it can take advantage of future smart innovations.

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Our software, urbanmaster, is intuitive and fully customisable allowing you to view the data you need to help you make intelligent decisions on how you manage your urban environment, every day.

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Strategic partnership

We believe in forming strategic partnerships with our customers. So when we learn or develop something new, we pass the benefit onto you. This open way of working ensures that the Smart City solution we provide is continuously evolving alongside your urban environment. Visit our resource centre by clicking the button below

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Training and support

We will create a bespoke training and ongoing support programme for your team ensuring you are always fully equipped to drive your Smart City strategy forwards.

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Our products

At urbancontrol, we promote an integrated approach to the adoption of Smart City technology; we believe that by joining up the dots across your city’s infrastructure, you will obtain the greatest savings and greatest benefits. Our promise is to provide you with a future-proofed solution that can adapt and evolve alongside your urban environment.

As part of this promise, the urbancontrol network provides one of the most advanced and reliable networks in the world.  In 2014, this network achieved a staggering 99.5% reliability, year round, across all 23 million end-points it connects to. Find out more about our network here >

urbanmaster is designed to be a fully flexible and scalable central management system (CMS) allowing local authorities and their stakeholders to benefit from some of the most powerful analytical tools on the market.

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Our suite of urbannodes transform your humble street light into the backbone of a powerful data network. They collect the data that is relevant to your environment and include innovative features such as bluetooth connectivity and built-in gyroscope functionality. We can install the urbannode internally (for use in decorative and heritage street lights) or externally (onto functional street lights). For more information, speak to our team.

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Because true intelligence doesn't come packaged in a 'one-size-fits-all' box, we provide an App development service. So if you want to be able to view specific data in a particular way, at the click of a button, then we can develop an online application to sit within our software. This allows you to see exactly what you need to see, when you need to see it.

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