Urban Control are thrilled to launch the Smart City Challenge in collaboration with Itron. The Challenge provides revolutionary smart city technology developers the opportunity to implement innovative solutions across major European cities.

“It is clear the world is looking for the next breakthrough in connected and intelligent technology for the public outdoor space beyond connected street lighting and utility meters. At Urban Control, we believe that sustainable solutions will not be driven by big, technology giants who remain distant to the end user. Instead, real innovation will come from a deep understanding of the challenges faced by our cities and the people who manage and move around them – looking beyond the technology and through to applications that are scalable, deployable and accessible to every urban, sub-urban, or indeed rural, environment. That’s why we are happy to work with Itron in this search for the next innovator – this is all about identifying people-centric, imaginative solutions for every day challenges and that’s at the heart of what we do.” Rob Mitchell, Director Urban Control.

The Itron Smart City Challenge will bring together leading IoT developers from across Europe to tackle a set of key business and societal challenges. These challenges will be designed by city leaders with the goal of identifying breakthrough solutions that enhance citizen wellbeing, improve operational efficiency and build more resourceful communities. Technology providers will leverage Itron’s open IoT platform and developer tools to prototype new smart city solutions. The winning companies will receive product engineering assistance, marketing and promotional support, and an opportunity to pitch their solution to leading European cities.

Step up to the challenge and apply below by the 4th January for your chance to be featured in a global marketing campaign to more than 8,000 of Itron’s city and utility customers worldwide. Winners will also have an opportunity to deploy their solution in a real-world environment.

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Press Release

25th January 2018

Intelligent technology provider Urban Control acquire Portuguese product manufacturer to develop intelligent urban solutions for Local Authorities.


Miguel Lira, Innovation and Development Director (left) and Terry Dean, CEO of Urban Control (right)

Urban Control Ltd today announced an agreement for the company to acquire the Portuguese smart product manufacturer, Enlight – Intelligent Energy Saving LDA.

This acquisition is a result of the two companies working in partnership to provide intelligent technology solutions across a variety of applications.

Hertfordshire based Urban Control Ltd are an intelligent technology solutions provider who started trading in 2015. The past two years have seen the company win several significant lighting control contracts including the London Borough of Brent and The City of London. The acquisition of Enlight amalgamates both companies’ commitment to providing innovative, smart city inspired solutions to any urban or rural environment.

Miguel Lira, the owner of Enlight, joins Urban Control as Innovation and Development Director.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Urban Control team at such an exciting time” he commented. “The intelligent technology landscape is constantly evolving and there is significant opportunity to bring big, smart city inspired tech to local authorities, helping them to overcome real and unique challenges. As the founder of Enlight, I have always been passionate about developing product solutions for real, every day issues. By joining forces with Urban Control, we can now expand our offering of an affordable, high-performance and feature-rich platform and make a positive difference to how local authorities perceive, implement and use intelligent technology.”

Porto, Portugal will be the home of Urban Control’s innovation and product development centre with the rest of the operations continuing at their head office in Hertfordshire, UK.

Terry Dean, CEO of Urban Control said, “The prospect of having a presence in Porto is an exciting one. It has a forward thinking culture and can already be considered a smart city in it’s own right. Porto also provides us with a valuable gateway to Europe during the uncertain times that Brexit has brought to the UK.”

He went on to say, “I’m incredibly proud of everything Urban Control has achieved in a relatively short time and similarly look with admiration towards Miguel and his success with Enlight. Bringing on-board the innovative and technical skills that Miguel possesses is the catalyst for the next phase of our journey and we can look ahead to the future with confidence, knowing we have a dynamic and relevant range of future-ready products.”

This acquisition emphasises the independence of Urban Control as a stand-lone business and distinguishes it from its more established sister-company, DW Windsor Ltd.


About Urban Control Ltd

Formed in January 2015, Urban Control is the sister company to British Lighting Manufacturer, DW Windsor.

The Urban Control solution uses existing street lighting infrastructure to form an open-source data network across towns and cities. This data network can transmit information from multiple applications including lighting control nodes, parking sensors and flood sensors. Coupled with a powerful central management system, the solution provides the user with invaluable intelligence on all aspects of urban management.

To date, Urban Control has implemented lighting control solutions across the City of London, London Borough of Brent and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

It is also running trials in other key and diverse locations in the UK.

For additional information contact

Amy Barker

Marketing Manager

Urban Control


M: +44 (0) 7718 118 530



Worldwide release of first commercially available Sensor Ready (SR) / Zhaga book 18 compliant Smart City Node.


Smart City solutions provider, Urban Control® Ltd, today unveiled the Urban Node®—DC, a new integrated product with Silver Spring Networks, Inc. (NYSE: SSNI), a leading networking platform and solutions provider for the Internet of Important Things™. The product is the first commercially available product of this type, which has been specifically designed to utilise the Sensor Ready (SR) Driver technology from Philips Lighting and sockets from TE Connectivity.

It is smaller, lighter and consumes less energy than previous AC models, ensuring extra safety for installers and operators through the maximum 60mA 24v dc supply to the external connectors.

Mark Cooper, Product Manager for Urban Control stated,

“By using the SR Driver, we have reduced the complexity of the node and the internal luminaire wiring. We have also increased the metering functionality with the open protocol DALI 2.0 interface. The ability to add SR certified sensors that use the standardised interface from Zhaga book 18 and our own Bluetooth and Digital Interfaces, means we can also add additional sensors via the Node. This allows us to accommodate multiple sensors on and around the node or luminaire aiding the development of an integrated Smart City system, all built within the security and reliability of the Silver Springs wireless network.”

The launch of this new addition to the Urban Control product portfolio positions the company as a fully integrated, Smart City Solutions provider.

“These are exciting times for the business” says Terry Dean, CEO of Urban Control. “ The launch of these products, demonstrates our passion for providing real solutions for real, urban challenges and I’m looking forward to continuing to work closely with our customers to drive future innovations.”

The Urban Node—DC will be unveiled at Lux Live in London on 15th and 16th November and can be found on the Urban Control stand E48.

About Urban Control

Urban Control is a network and technology solutions provider which can advise upon, design and create devices to meet the challenges of the Smart City revolution. Based in Hertfordshire in the UK, they have contracts to supply over 40,000 nodes to a number of Local Authorities across the UK and are expanding operations across Europe and Australasia.

Recent project wins include, amongst others

• City of London
• LB Brent
• LB Barking & Dagenham
• Cumbria County Council


Urban Control® Ltd
Pindar Road
EN11 0DX

Mark Cooper, Product Manager for Urban Control
E: mark.cooper@urban-control.com
M: 07760 887667

Partnership Will Offer leading technology solutions to the UK Smart Lighting and Smart City Market

London, UK – April 4, 2016 – Silver Spring Networks, Inc. (NYSE: SSNI) today announced the continued global expansion of its smart cities and smart street lighting business with a new go-to-market partnership in the UK with Urban Control Ltd. A new company within the DW Windsor Group which includes DW Windsor Lighting, one of the UK’s leading lighting manufacturers, urbancontrol® is the go-to-market launch partner for Silver Spring’s smart city solutions in the UK for cities, local authorities and contractors within the rapidly expanding lighting and city asset management market. The UK is currently at the forefront of Europe for adoption of smart city technologies such as intelligent street lighting, and many analysts expect this trend to continue. According to the ‘Future of Smart’ report by Arup, London alone may benefit from £8.9B of total global spending for smart city technologies by 2020.

“We have reached a critical moment in time for smart lighting and smart city programs in the UK where many councils and authorities have realised that while intelligent street lights can deliver immediate benefits like public safety and energy savings, they can also lay the groundwork for larger smart city initiatives that can provide a better quality of life in their communities,” said Terry Dean, Chairman, DW Windsor Group. “We are happy to offer these stakeholders Silver Spring’s platforms and solutions that have already been proven for smart lighting and smart cities programs across UK and throughout the world.”

“The UK has been an innovator in adopting connected infrastructure programs, as evidenced by mature smart city programs in Bristol and Glasgow,” said Brandon Davito, Vice President of Smart Lighting and Smart Cities, Silver Spring Networks. “We are pleased to be working with urbancontrol® to offer Silver Spring platform and solutions that can help councils and contractors maximize their benefit from investments in smart city infrastructure throughout the region.”

urbancontrol® will bundle Silver Spring’s platform and solution technologies, including Silver Spring’s Gen5 IPv6 networking platform and Streetlight.Vision 6 (SLV6) device control and management software, through Silver Spring’s innovative network-as-a-service and software-as-a-service models. The urbancontrol® development team will also build enhancements to meet the specific requirements of UK local authorities and contractors. This will help public lighting operators and cities reap the benefits of a smart city platform, allowing them to avoid upfront capital equipment and deployment costs, while also reducing operational and management expenditures. urbancontrol® software platform urbanmaster® 1 will be made available through the SLV6 App Store across the UK and internationally.

Silver Spring has delivered more than 22.9 million critical infrastructure devices across five continents including projects in major global cities such as Bristol, Chicago, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Melbourne, Mexico City, Paris, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Singapore, and Washington DC. Silver Spring is also deploying what is believed to be the largest networked street light project in the world, nearly 500,000 connected street lights across Miami and South Florida.

To learn more on urbancontrol® and other Silver Spring go-to-market partners, please visit http://www.urban-control.com and http://www.silverspringnet.com/partners.

1. urbanmaster® is a registered trademark of Urban Control Ltd