Asset management

Traditionally, one of the most challenging aspects of managing a portfolio of assets is knowing what might go wrong, where it might occur and when it is going to happen. Our solution allows you to have a birds-eye view of your assets, their condition and value right at your fingertips.


Resource managment

Improved citizen safety

Maintenance planning

Real-time insight


Equipment inventory

The Equipment Inventory enables you to add, edit, commission, remove and display devices on the map. Devices are grouped by geographical groups called geozones. A geozone is a location (latitude and longitude) displayed at a pre-defined zoom level on the screen. Geozones are defined by you. They contain either devices or other geozones, to create a hierarchical view of all your devices/assets, allowing you that birds-eye view of your asset portfolio.

Failure analysis

urbanmaster provides you with a map-based view of the status of the devices. For example, if you are responsible for street lighting then you can view the total number of devices with critical lamp failures and warnings. You can also access an interactive view of each device at a close zoom level, with detailed history for each device.

Custom report manager

Drastically improve the efficiency of your routine maintenance programmes by transforming them into more targeted regimes. Using the range of powerful analytical tools, you can generate reports not only based on historical data but also predicted issues. This allows you to make adjustments to your assets during routine visits in anticipation of imminent issues. You can also generate reports compatible with third party requirements such as Asset Valuation reports required by CIPFA (Chartered Institution of Public Finance and Accountancy).

Alarm manager

Improve your response times to critical asset failures by setting criteria for specific events. If your device reports matching criteria, urbanmaster can generate a report and distribute it to relevant parties in order to quickly send an engineer to site.

Our solutions

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Our traffic monitoring solution helps you to prioritise and effectively manage your road transport infrastructure by providing you with real time data on everything from vehicle numbers to journey times.

Understanding levels of footfall has a key part to play in the evolution of smart cities. Our occupancy solution helps you to create a positive experience for everyone who lives, works and place in your city or town.

A smart, flexible and scalable intelligent parking solution can be a healthy and efficient revenue generator and transform the experience of visiting your town or city centre.

Our central management system gives you the functionality to control your street lighting infrastructure – right down to individual luminaire level with our intelligent street lighting solution.

Our drainage management solution is designed to help you create sustainable and robust flood plans, saving you time and money.

Our environmental solution gives you access to real-time data allowing you to make immediate decisions which can help improve the lives of your citizens.

Our asset management solution allows you to have a birds-eye view of your assets, their condition and value at the tip of your fingers.