As our cities increase in size, so does the challenge of combating pollution. The Royal College of Physicians has said that outdoor air pollution is contributing to about 40,000 early deaths per year (Source: February 2016). Our environmental solution gives you access to real-time data allowing you to make immediate decisions, which can help improve the lives of your citizens. But it’s not just those who live in urban areas who can benefit; Relevant data can also be shared with third parties. For example, providing farmers with local weather information to help them optimise their seasonal activity.


Commercial benefits

Improved citizen health

Improved citizen safety

Third party revenue generation


Real-time control

The “Real-time control” WebApp enables users to remotely monitor air pollution in real time so decisions can be made immediately.

Alarm manager

Pollution sensors can detect when pollution levels are such that it could be a danger to COPD or Asthma sufferers, for example. Information can be then sent to message boards or mobiles and the NHS, to keep sufferers fully informed. Similarly, road temperature can be recorded and predetermined criteria can trigger the deployment of gritter lorries.

Scheduling manager

Use historical pollution data to schedule adjustments to traffic lights - for example, traffic flow can be changed during peak periods to help reduce air pollution.

Custom report manager

Data such as local weather can be transformed into visual, easy-to-understand charts and graphs, which can then be shared with third parties, creating additional revenue streams.

Our solutions

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Our traffic monitoring solution helps you to prioritise and effectively manage your road transport infrastructure by providing you with real time data on everything from vehicle numbers to journey times.

Understanding levels of footfall has a key part to play in the evolution of smart cities. Our occupancy solution helps you to create a positive experience for everyone who lives, works and place in your city or town.

A smart, flexible and scalable intelligent parking solution can be a healthy and efficient revenue generator and transform the experience of visiting your town or city centre.

Our central management system gives you the functionality to control your street lighting infrastructure – right down to individual luminaire level with our intelligent street lighting solution.

Our drainage management solution is designed to help you create sustainable and robust flood plans, saving you time and money.

Our environmental solution gives you access to real-time data allowing you to make immediate decisions which can help improve the lives of your citizens.

Our asset management solution allows you to have a birds-eye view of your assets, their condition and value at the tip of your fingers.