Intelligent Street Lighting

Our central management system gives you the functionality to control your street lighting infrastructure – right down to individual luminaire level.

We design solutions to maximise your energy savings, simply by varying your lighting levels to best suit the task.

By analysing data such as such as lamp failures, day burners and a vast array of relevant, real-time data gathered from each individual luminaire, we help you get maximum value from every maintenance visit. What was once an expensive, routine maintenance programme can now become a targeted, data-led asset management schedule, saving you valuable time and money.


Energy savings

Maintenance management

Improved citizen safety

Resource management


Failure analysis

urbanmaster provides you with a map-based view of the status of the devices. For example, if you are responsible for street lighting then you can view the total number of devices with critical lamp failures and warnings. You can also access an interactive view of each device at a close zoom level, with detailed history for each device.

Batch control

Turn a section of street lights on or off in seconds. Imagine this scenario; a serious accident has occurred in the early hours of the morning when your streetlights are off. You can assist the emergency services by switching them all on at the press of a button. From a day-to-day perspective, this functionality will cut down on duplicate visits and improve maintenance programmes.

Scheduling manager

Create fully customised dimming-control profiles for different areas of your city. For example, near a nightclub you could create a dimming schedule to turn on all street lights to 100% for one hour while people exit the venue.

Data history

Collecting accurate data on your assets helps run efficient maintenance programmes and reduce the need for night scouts. You can track metered power, LUX levels, day burners, failures and much more. All this information can be exported into an excel file; tailored and ready-to-use in your monthly reports. Our software is fully-customisable and we can even develop bespoke features for your individual needs. Contact us for more information.

Our solutions

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Our traffic monitoring solution helps you to prioritise and effectively manage your road transport infrastructure by providing you with real time data on everything from vehicle numbers to journey times.

Understanding levels of footfall has a key part to play in the evolution of smart cities. Our occupancy solution helps you to create a positive experience for everyone who lives, works and place in your city or town.

A smart, flexible and scalable intelligent parking solution can be a healthy and efficient revenue generator and transform the experience of visiting your town or city centre.

Our central management system gives you the functionality to control your street lighting infrastructure – right down to individual luminaire level with our intelligent street lighting solution.

Our drainage management solution is designed to help you create sustainable and robust flood plans, saving you time and money.

Our environmental solution gives you access to real-time data allowing you to make immediate decisions which can help improve the lives of your citizens.

Our asset management solution allows you to have a birds-eye view of your assets, their condition and value at the tip of your fingers.