Our traffic control sensors

Mobility is at the heart of the Smart City; smart traffic control systems reduce travel and waiting time and thus reduce emissions of pollution and greenhouse gases.

Our smart sensors make the most of existing infrastructures and traffic lights to provide the quality of traffic data that is required to fully optimise the traffic flow.

A Smart City is also about smarter power management: adjusting city lighting to the density of vehicle or pedestrian traffic can be achieved with smart sensors and cameras.

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Here are just some of the solutions that we provide with our technology partner, Citilog.

Automatic Incident Detection

The video-based Automatic Incident Detection is widely recognised as the solution of choice in the Intelligent Transportation System industry and by road infrastructure security.

The state-of-the-art algorithms identify incidents and accidents within seconds on highways, bridges and in tunnels.

They operate as a software application on existing cameras or directly inside Smart Cameras or smart sensors, thus offering solutions for any project infrastructure.


XCam-Edge-AID is an Automatic Incident Detection sensor designed to detect incidents and accidents on roadways. It provides real-time detection of incidents and accidents as well as traffic data.

XCam-Edge-AID allows fast automatic real-time incident detection with an alarm and on-screen display of incidents within a few seconds after an incident occurs. Fast detection enables a proactive response to incidents and accidents and thus limits the risk of secondary accidents, minimising human loss and infrastructure damage.


XCam-Edge-ww is a wrong-way sensor designed to detect and prevent wrong-way drivers.

Typically deployed on off-ramps, XCam-Edge-ww can detect a wrong-way driver within a few seconds. Locally connected to a Variable (or Dynamic) Message Sign, it can warn drivers in a second that they are engaging the ramp in the wrong direction. Connection to the sign can be via open collectors, Ethernet or wirelessly.

Traffic Data Collection

The Traffic Data Collection solution provides reliable data for statistics, planning and real-time road user information.

With a wide range of products and devices, we offer the best solutions for a specific project, whether you need a cost-effective traffic data sensor or want to use existing CCTV cameras to collect data.

The LPR and BlueTooth sensors provide ideal solutions for travel time calculation and origin-destination mapping.

Licence Plate Recognition

Licence Plate Recognition is a powerful tool for intelligent transportation projects, whether for smart data collection, vehicle identification or enforcement.

Citilog offers high-performance sensors that can be used in the most demanding environments, such as highways and tunnels.


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