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About our CMS: Urbanmaster

At urbancontrol we promote an integrated approach to the adoption of smart city technology; we believe that by joining up the dots across your city’s infrastructure, you will obtain the greatest savings and greatest benefits. Our promise is to provide you with a future-proofed solution that can adapt and evolve alongside your urban environment.

Urbanmaster is designed with that approach in mind and is a fully flexible and scalable central management system allowing local authorities and their stakeholders to benefit from some of the most powerful analytical tools on the market.

Our CMS platform is available as a cloud-based product or on your own business’ server. The system provides you with map-based real-time control, automatic massive data collect and aggregation, inventory and asset management, switching and dimming schedulers, calendars, advanced alarming, automatic reporting, data analytics, control centre monitoring and more.

It is a multi-system and multi-application platform that is used by over 500 cities across 15 countries to control, monitor and analyse data such as drainage levels, traffic flow, pollution levels, occupancy (footfall) and more.

By using a city’s street lighting infrastructure to communicate data via nodes attached to the luminaire, urbanmaster allows you to control a portfolio of city-assets. The vast array of data that can be captured and reported means our customers are able to make intelligent decisions about how they manage their asset portfolio, enabling them to save energy, increase safety and reduce their maintenance costs.

With over 500 scalable features, urbanmaster can be adopted by large cities right down to our smallest boroughs. Our team provide full system and on-site training and support. Find out more about our customer support here >

urbanmaster supports both wireless and power line Control Systems and Outdoor Lighting Networks (OLNs) from 40 manufacturers. The platform is TALQ compliant meaning it is compatible with any other solution that is also TALQ compliant. You can read more on our open standards and network here

Just some of the features available on urbanmaster:

We are continuously developing and improving our system. With an easy to use, intuitive user-interface, urbanmaster is designed to provide you with powerful data at your fingertips. Should you require a bespoke app then please speak to us.

Equipment Inventory The Equipment Inventory WebApp enables users to add, edit, commission, remove and display devices on the map. Devices are grouped by geographical groups called geozones. A geozone is a location (latitude and longitude) displayed at a pre-defined zoom level on the screen. Geozones are defined by the end-users. They contain either devices or other geozones, to create a hierarchical view of all your devices/assets, like folders containing files in your computer.

Alarm Manager The “Alarm Manager” WebApp enables you to create alarm definitions on the urbanmaster CMS. Alarms are defined based on several types of conditions (or “triggers”) to trigger actions such as sending an email with a configurable text. For instance: sending an email to a maintenance team when more than 3 Light Points, which are less than 200 metres apart, have sent a “Lamp Failure” event to the urbanmaster CMS.

Report Manager The “Report Manager” WebApp enables users to create reports that are automatically computed and sent by the urbanmaster CMS to selected users by email or FTP. These reports can be designed so they are compatible with your standard reporting process.

Data History The “Data History” WebApp provides access to data values and their timestamp that has been measured by the devices and sent to the urbanmaster CMS. It displays these data in dynamic and interactive graphical charts.

Failure Tracking The “Failure Tracking” WebApp provides end-users with a map-based view of the status of the devices. It displays: · The total number of devices with critical failures and warnings for each geozone at a high zoom level · A non-interactive status view for all the end-devices at intermediate zoom level · An interactive view of each device at a close zoom level, with detailed history for each device

Real-time Control The “Real-time Control” WebApp enables users to remotely control and monitor devices in real time, send them commands (e.g. dim to 72%) and read metering data (e.g. current, voltage, power, power factor).

Batch Control The “Batch Control” WebApp enables users to easily perform real-time control operations on arbitrary groups of devices.

Scheduling Manager The “Scheduling Manager” WebApp enables users to define control programs and calendars and commission them into the devices managed by the urbanmaster CMS. It allows you to create, edit and delete control programs and calendars with most of the control systems supported by the urbanmaster CMS.

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