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Urban Control Ltd form strategic partnership with Silver Spring Networks

Partnership Will Offer leading technology solutions to the UK Smart Lighting and Smart City Market

London, UK – April 4, 2016 – Silver Spring Networks, Inc. (NYSE: SSNI) today announced the continued global expansion of its smart cities and smart street lighting business with a new go-to-market partnership in the UK with Urban Control Ltd. A new company within the DW Windsor Group which includes DW Windsor Lighting, one of the UK’s leading lighting manufacturers, urbancontrol® is the go-to-market launch partner for Silver Spring’s smart city solutions in the UK for cities, local authorities and contractors within the rapidly expanding lighting and city asset management market. The UK is currently at the forefront of Europe for adoption of smart city technologies such as intelligent street lighting, and many analysts expect this trend to continue. According to the ‘Future of Smart’ report by Arup, London alone may benefit from £8.9B of total global spending for smart city technologies by 2020. “We have reached a critical moment in time for smart lighting and smart city programs in the UK where many councils and authorities have realised that while intelligent street lights can deliver immediate benefits like public safety and energy savings, they can also lay the groundwork for larger smart city initiatives that can provide a better quality of life in their communities,” said Terry Dean, Chairman, DW Windsor Group. “We are happy to offer these stakeholders Silver Spring’s platforms and solutions that have already been proven for smart lighting and smart cities programs across UK and throughout the world.”

“The UK has been an innovator in adopting connected infrastructure programs, as evidenced by mature smart city programs in Bristol and Glasgow,” said Brandon Davito, Vice President of Smart Lighting and Smart Cities, Silver Spring Networks. “We are pleased to be working with urbancontrol® to offer Silver Spring platform and solutions that can help councils and contractors maximize their benefit from investments in smart city infrastructure throughout the region.” urbancontrol® will bundle Silver Spring’s platform and solution technologies, including Silver Spring’s Gen5 IPv6 networking platform and Streetlight.Vision 6 (SLV6) device control and management software, through Silver Spring’s innovative network-as-a-service and software-as-a-service models. The urbancontrol® development team will also build enhancements to meet the specific requirements of UK local authorities and contractors. This will help public lighting operators and cities reap the benefits of a smart city platform, allowing them to avoid upfront capital equipment and deployment costs, while also reducing operational and management expenditures. urbancontrol® software platform urbanmaster® 1 will be made available through the SLV6 App Store across the UK and internationally.

Silver Spring has delivered more than 22.9 million critical infrastructure devices across five continents including projects in major global cities such as Bristol, Chicago, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Melbourne, Mexico City, Paris, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Singapore, and Washington DC. Silver Spring is also deploying what is believed to be the largest networked street light project in the world, nearly 500,000 connected street lights across Miami and South Florida.


To learn more on urbancontrol® and other Silver Spring go-to-market partners, please visit and

1. urbanmaster® is a registered trademark of Urban Control Ltd

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