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Urban Control: An open standards network

Open standards

A truly Smart City is able to continuously develop and innovate its core infrastructure and systems. No one can predict the future but we want to make sure that you are ready for it – whatever it looks like. That’s why all our solutions are based around Open Protocols. This allows our equipment to speak a universal language when working with other vendor’s products.

As part of the Wi-SUN alliance, we have access to an eco-system of partners (130+ and growing) who develop sensors and apps for our solutions, ensuring that our system continues to be at the forefront of the Smart City arena.

Wi-SUN Alliance Field Area Networks deliver multi-vendor interoperable solutions to a broad variety of applications, including street lighting, parking systems and traffic management. Municipalities can install products from different approved suppliers confident that they will interoperate seamlessly. You can learn more about Wi-SUN here

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