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What is a Smart City anyway?

“There is no better way to improve the lives of billions of people around the world than to improve the way cities work” Michael Bloomberg – former Mayor of New York City

A Smart City understands the individual challenges and strengths of any urban environment. It also leverages the benefits of technological advancement to improve the lives of those that live and work there.

It is our belief that there are four key elements to driving the success of smart cities across the UK:

Vision Our Smart City vision comes from appreciation that personal happiness is at the heart of why we desire smarter living. It’s the understanding of the challenges we face caused by factors such as an ageing infrastructure and population. It is also the recognition of a city’s unique strengths and its ability to connect all the dots to form a future-proofed smart strategy.

Collaboration Communication with citizens to understand what will enhance their lives and ultimately make them happier. Communication throughout Local Authorities and breaking down existing departmental silos so resource can be effectively allocated to aid Smart City growth. And finally, constant communication back to the technology innovators to ensure the needs of citizens are being met at every stage.

Leadership Without vision, leadership is pointless. But without leadership, smart cities are nothing but a theoretical dream. We need to work with our Local Authorities to ensure they have everything they need to transform the vision of a smarter way of living into reality.

Technology We may be the provider of the technological solution, but we put this last in our list of key Smart City drivers. Simply because the technology already exists; in fact, we provide one of the most advanced solutions out there. But the connecting of the dots is where the real innovation takes place. And that’s why we have adopted a truly human-centric approach to our business. We support the BSI strategy for Smart Cities and remain confident that this is the best possible solution for all residents of urbanised areas.

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